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A private preschool experience providing educational excellence in a loving, nurturing environment. 

For more information regarding a tour of our facility, curriculum, and to meet our wonderful educators, please contact us at 502-348-9874

Thrilling 3-Year Old Preschool Class








    At this point of your child's development, you are starting to notice the amazing cognitive and communication talents they have developed in our early childhood program.


  • Their writing skills are blooming before your eyes as you see their fine-motor skills and handwriting improving. They may even be writing their names and forming small words. 

  • Their ability to pronounce more complex words and phrases have improved. 

  • The projects they are completing in art class proves that they are becoming more independent in their creative thinking.

  • Their problem solving and logical reasoning skills have improved. 

  • They are displaying their social talents by engaging you and other family members in conversations about what they're learning. 

  • They show off their gross motor skills by running, climbing and performing other physically demanding skills. 

  • They are truly starting to understand and respect others' feelings and emotions. 


All of these developments are exciting and make parents and teachers proud of what a child can accomplish. It is important to monitor these and build upon them moving forward. That's why, just as in our two-year-old program, we will monitor your child at the beginning and end of the program so that we can ensure that your child is progressing. 


Activities that will ensure your child's development in the thrilling three's program are: 

Start Write Program, focusing on handwriting and word building skills

Early Music Education

Shapes/Colors/Numbers in Circle Time

Weather Time

Alphabet Fun

Creative Art 

Library and Story Time

Active Playtime

Much, Much More!!

Painted Hands
Fantastic 4-Year Old Preschool Class














     In our pre-school program we place a high priority on ensuring that all of our students are kindergarten-ready. We use the Brigance Early Childhood Screen to identify student strengths and areas for improvement. Our preschool curriculum is designed by Michelle Stone and Lance Blanford, both of whom have degrees in early childhood education. We teach early literacy and math skills through facilitated play and group activities. We provide students with hands-on learning experiences, field trips, and guest speakers to help them best understand new concepts. We help students understand and practice appropriate behaviors that will allow them to be successful in the classroom. We utilize technology appropriately to engage students in their learning. 



More About the Brigance Early Childhood Screen:


What is the Brigance Early Childhood program?

  • The Brigance Early Childhood Program is a research-based program designed by early childhood specialists and educators. Decades of research helped these specialists identify specific developmental milestones for the early months and years of a child’s life. These developmental milestones include social, emotional, physical, language, cognitive/academic, and self-help skills. The program offers specific activities that will assist the child in reaching each milestone.

  • Brigance was adopted by the Kentucky Department of Education as the statewide kindergarten readiness screen.


What does this mean for your child?

  • Your child will continue to benefit from our award-winning childcare that focuses on providing your child with a safe, nurturing environment in which they feel secure and loved. For 30 years that has been a primary focus for Wee Care and we will continue this commitment moving forward.

  • In addition to this quality childcare, the Brigance program will help us identify your child’s milestones. With parent permission, at the beginning of the year or upon entering our program, we will screen your child in the classroom to determine strengths and areas for improvement. 

  • We will take information from the screen and create your child’s individualized learning and development program. Your child’s teacher and our activity coordinator will then design and implement activities that will maximize your child’s learning and development. These activities will be fun-filled, interactive and innovative so that your child will love to learn.

  • At the end of the school year, we will screen again to show your child’s progress. 

  • As stated earlier, Brigance was adopted as Kentucky’s statewide kindergarten readiness program. When your child leaves our preschool program, we can provide you with your child’s Brigance portfolio so that you can share it with your child’s kindergarten teacher.


What does this mean for you, the parent?  

  • This service is completely FREE to all Wee Care students.

  • Once your child’s portfolio is started, we will provide you with your child’s Brigance information. This information could be helpful when you are talking, reading and playing with your child at home.

  • We will also share pictures and completed work so that you can see how much fun your child is having while participating in our activities.

  • We pride ourselves on open communication with parents. It is our goal to provide your child with care and developmental services that are consistent with your own values and beliefs. We encourage you to contact us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. 


Preschool Graduation Ceremony
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