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Our mission is to provide a safe, loving, and nurturing environment that promotes the healthy development of your child, which will guide them in achieving their fullest potential.





For over 30 years, Wee Care has been committed to the

same three principles in our effort to provide the highest

quality child development and education services.




1) Providing a safe and secure environment.

A child learns best when they are comfortable with their surroundings. That is why our classrooms are centered around child safety and cleanliness. Our policies and procedures ensure that you and your child feel complete comfort while your child is in our care.


2) Providing a loving, nurturing environment.

We take pride in the social and emotional development of your child. In every interaction with our students wee model healthy social skills by displaying kindness, generosity, empathy, and respect. We give them the developmentally appropriate affection and attention that they need to feel loved and appreciated. We celebrate each child's unique abilities and personalities.


3) Committed to providing quality child development and preschool education services.

We understand that learning begins well before a child enters a preschool program.

That's why we place emphasis on assisting each child in their gross motor, fine motor, social/emotional,

and cognitive development. We work with parents in helping the child reach important developmental

milestones in mobility, communication, and self-care. As your child moves up through our age-leveled

classrooms wee strive to prepare them for our pre-school program.

In our pre-school program, we place a high priority on ensuring that all of our students are kindergarten-ready. We use the Brigance Early Childhood Screen to identify student strengths and areas for improvement. We teach early literacy and math skills through facilitated play and group activities. We provide students with hands-on learning experiences, field trips, and guest speakers to help them best understand new concepts. We help students understand and practice appropriate behaviors that will allow them to be successful in the classroom. We work to keep up with the latest research and resources in child development and pre-school education.


What children need is what they get at Wee Care Learning and Development Centers: 

  • Early exposure to languages

  • Early music education

  • Exercise/Physical Education

  • Preschool-level academic work

  • Socialization

  • Loving, nurturing care

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